A Space of Healing, the Charms of Animal Cafes

If you like animals, you’d want to visit an “animal cafe” at least once. In Japan, the popularity  all started in 2004 when a Cat Cafe opened in Osaka. Nowadays, there are many cafes in  Japan where you can meet different kinds of animals other than just cats. In this article, you’ll get to know some of these popular animals!

“Cat Cafe” is already famous in Japan as a place where you can meet cats. However, there are more and more cafes where you can pet various kinds of animals. The one appeal of animal cafes is that you can interact with hard to own pets. Regulars are always healed by their cuteness every time they visit.

In Japan, people have always been close to owls, which are believed to be lucky animals. Many people, even those who don’t love birds, get hooked on owls whenever they see one. The owls you see in cafes are used to people so you can touch their fluffy feathers and get them to stand on your hand or your shoulder.


Another animal that has been gaining popularity are hedgehogs. Some people love their cuteness and even have them as pets. Hedgehogs are timid in nature, but the ones at cafes are used to people so that you can easily hold them. You don’t have to worry because the café staff will show you how it’s done.

Rabbits don’t have vocal cords, so they don’t make any noise. That’s why they are popular pets in Japan. You can meet them at rabbit cafes or you can bring your own rabbit to some cafes in Japan.

Other than the ones introduced above, there are still several animals that you can meet like penguins, goats, monkeys, and reptiles. Please take a visit, and experience how enjoyable they are!

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