Announcement: Home Coming Party

BIL hold a Home Coming Party for BIL alumni on November 3 every year during the Bunkasai (school festival) .
Alumni can join the party regardless of graduation year.
You can have a reunion with teachers and alumni, which will remind you the days at BIL.
Please join us!
Although we may not be able to have the party due to the spread of COVID-19, we all are looking forward to meeting you there.
Home Coming Party
Date: November 3 (Culture Day) at 4:00 PM
Place: Gakusei Hall on the 12th floor of C-Building
*If there are any changes, we will let you know on our website.
Kyomu, Bunka Institute of Language
*From 2019

Issuance of Certificates

Apply for certificates at BIL office

Please fill in the required fields on the application form for certificate at BIL office, Kyomu. Then, purchase the ticket for the certificate issuance fee at a ticket machine. (Please check the following required days for issuance and make sure to apply during the business hour.)

Apply for certificates by mail

Please send following ①~④ to the address below.
You can apply the certificates in the same way either if you are living in Japan or overseas.
① Application form for issuance of certificate各種証明書交付申請書かくしゅしょうめいしょこうふしんせいしょ
*Please print it out and fill in the required fields.
② How to pay the certificate issuance fee
Certificate application in Japan➡Pay the required issuance fee by Japanese postage stamps.
Certificate application from overseas➡Pay the required issuance fee by international reply coupons.
③ Return shipping fee
Japanese postage stamp or international reply coupon which covers the required shipping fee
(Please refer to the application form (各種証明書交付申請書かくしゅしょうめいしょこうふしんせいしょ)for the details about ② and ③.)
④ Letter of proxy(委任状いにんじょう)and identification certificate(Required if someone other than applicant receive the certificate)
*Please print it out and fill in the required fields.
 Need to attach a copy of identification certificate (Residence card, Insurance card, Driver license etc.).
*Applications by phone, fax, and email are not acceptable, if you would like BIL to send you the certificates. Please apply at BIL office or apply by mail.
Required days for issuance
We will need following period of days to issue the certificate from the date you submit the application form (各種証明書交付申請書かくしゅしょうめいしょこうふしんせいしょ).
・Certificates in Japanese … In 3 days(Excluding the day you applied for the certificate)
・Certificates in English … In 5 days(Excluding the day you applied for the certificate)
*We will need 2 weeks to issue following certificates: Japanese Language Teacher Training Course and Business Japanese Interpreting Course “Official Transcript of Grades and Attendance” in English.

(Applications on Sunday, Saturday, holidays and Summer/Winter break are not acceptable.
We don’t count those holidays for the required days for issuance. Please apply for the certificates so that you can have it in your hand at the time your needs.)
*If there are any lacking details in the submitted application form, we will count the required days for issuance after we receive the clarification from you.
*If you would like to have the certificate in a form other than BIL’s, or the submitted application form has any incorrections regarding the course you attended or period of attendance, we may take more time to issue the certificate than usual.
*If you have applied a certificate before but haven’t paid the issuance fee, we can’t accept your application for issue a certificate.
Address for sending application materials:
Bunka Institute of Language Admissions Office
3-22-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan 151-8521
Contact: 03-3299-2001

Other Inquiries

【Contact by Phone】
*Business hour 9:00~17:00Excluding Sunday, Saturday, national holidays and school designated holidays.
Admissions OfficeTEL:03-3299-2011(+81-33299-2011)
【Contact by E-mail】
Please contact from the inquiry form.

Japanese Language Teacher Training Course alumni who wants to contact a teacher can send an email to the following email address.

Contact for Japanese Language Teacher Training Course alumni