Handling of personal information in our services

Personal information, such as addresses and names, received by Bunka Institute of Language (hereinafter referred to as BIL) in relation to the requests of materials, etc., shall be used by BIL for the provision of information on higher education and other statistical purposes, based on the personal information handling policy established by Educational Foundation Bunka Gakuen. Forwarding and computing work as part of those services are carried out by the service providers entrusted from BIL. Note that BIL shall not use personal information for the purposes other than the above without permission from the information owner.

Management of personal information

BIL shall manage personal information of the users who accessed this website with the utmost caution. The management status is updated when the need arises.

Disclosure of personal information

BIL shall not provide nor disclose the registered personal information to the third parties for any purposes other than sending materials, etc. However, when obliged by statutes or when required for the benefits of information owners or for the public interest, BIL may disclose the information.


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