If you are seeking admission to other courses in B.I.L.

In case of going on to Japanese Language Teacher Training Course and the Business Japanese Interpreting course from the Japanese Language Course, application fee (¥20,000) and admission fee (¥120,000) are waived.

If you are seeking admission to BUNKA GAKUEN UNIVERSITY

Bunka Gakuen University has produced people work actively and contribute to society in the fields of fashion, design, architecture, interior and tourism.
Bunka Gakuen University is a comprehensive institution that has Faculty of Fashion Science, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Intercultural Studies, and Graduate School. It provides learnings in diverse fields, 1) fashion education approaching from the point of the view of design, technology, planning, sociology, business, history and culture, 2) design education learning through media expressions such as animations, real video images, magazines and the internet, graphic and product designs, and jewelries, 3) architecture and interior education developing a flexible thinking and cultivating a sensitivity as well as acquiring an expert knowledge, and 4) tourism education learning language, culture and hospitality. The university is cultivating human resources capable of leading the era in each field.
  • Part of the admission fee and the tuition (University: ¥250,000~¥300,000 ; Graduate School: ¥175,000)are waived.

If you are seeking admission to BUNKA FASHION GRADUATE UNIVERSITY

Bunka Fashion Graduate University aims to create not only fashion, but also leaders in the fashion business.
Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) is a professional graduate university that provides the education for the fashion industry from the perspective of fashion business. We offer Fashion Creation and Fashion Management majors, and three courses, Fashion Design Course, Fashion Technology Course, and Fashion Business Administration Course, for professional development, 0ur faculty and staffs, highly experienced and competent in the fashion industry, will provide students with firsthand experience and excellent curriculum, leading each one of you to be successful in the global fashion business.
  • Part of the admission fee (¥100,000) is waived.

If you are seeking admission to BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE

The Bunka Fashion College, a sister school of B.I.L., is an educational institution which specializes in training individuals to become fashion specialists. Many foreign students from around the world study and graduate from here to work as professionals in the world's fashion scenes.
The Bunka Fashion College (Bunka Fukuso Gakuin) was founded in 1923 as Japan's first dressmaking school. As a pioneer of Japan's dressmaking education, it has been leading the world of fashion for 90 years.
The Bunka Fashion College has produced many internationally renowned fashion designers including Hiroko Koshino, Kenzo Takada, Yohji Yamamoto, Chisato Tsumori and Junya Watanabe. The school's name is also recognized around the world. Many foreign students study the techniques and sensitivities of Japanese fashion here. After graduation, they work as fashion professionals all over the world.
  • Half of the application fee (¥16,500) and part of admission fee (¥120,000) are waived.