Japanese Language Teacher Training Course beginning only in April

The Basics

Monday through Friday (5 days a week) From 9:10AM to 2:50PM

Number of Students to be Admitted
60 students

Study Period
One year, from April to March next year

Applicant must have completed 12 or more years of conventional education in a country other than Japan and must satisfy one of the criteria below.
Applicant has received Japanese language education for a minimum of 6 months at a Japanese language institute accredited by the Minister of Justice. Attendance at which should be 80%or above.
Applicant has passed ‘N2’ or ‘level 2’ or above in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered by Japan Educational Exchange and Services and Japan Foundation.
Applicant has received a score of 200 or above in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students administered by Japan Student Services Organization.
Applicant deemed to possess the equivalent Japanese language ability by the president of B.I.L.
※To work as a teacher at a Japanese language school listed in the Notification of Ministry of Justice in Japan: must meet the Japanese language teacher criteria for the educational institute for Japanese studies set out by the Ministry.

Application Period
Oct 1 to Dec 25, if without resident or student visa to Japan at present. Oct 1 to the end of February next year if holding resident visa for Japan.
※However, application period will close as soon as the course is full. Office hour is basically Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Application Fee
20,000 yen

Admission Process
◇If applying direct to B.I.L
After the submission of the necessary application materials, entrance exam and an interview will be conducted. Admission is determined by the result.
◇If applying to our offices overseas
After the submission of the necessary application materials, entrance exam and an interview by international phone call to Japan will be conducted at the overseas office. Admission is determined by the result.
◇If Applicant has passed ‘N1’ or ‘level 1’ in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test within the past three years, composition and interview only for the entrance exam.


Details 1st Semester
(6 mo's)
2nd Semester
(6 mo's)
Grand Total
Admission Fee ¥120,000    
Course Fee ¥360,000 ¥360,000  
Facility Fee ¥70,000    
Training Fee ¥90,000    
Miscellaneous Student Fee ¥22,000    
Student Council Fee ¥5,400    
Total ¥667,400 ¥360,000 ¥1,027,400
* Accepted applicant must buy his/her own study materials under the guidance of his/her teachers.
* Bank remittance from abroad incur handling charges both in your country and in Japan. Please ensure to remit the first term tuition in full and the handling charge.
* Application and admission fees are waived for the students or graduates of B.I.L. Japanese Language Course, graduates of Bunka Gakuen University, graduates of Bunka Fashion Graduate University and graduates of Bunka Fashion College.